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Why a Press Release?

A well-written press release may result in several developments:

  • Tremendous free publicity for your company.
  • Awareness by potential customers that may not have been aware of your company or product.
  • Interest from potential investors or strategic partners.
  • Opportunity to explain, correct, or clarify your point of view.

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One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep your business in the public eye is to send out press releases. A press release is a quick article written in news style that promotes a recent accomplishment, event, or new feature in an informative way. Although it is not an advertisement, press releases can be a very persuasive way to get your message out.

Being printed in a well-known publication adds instant credibility to the information, and the lack of "sales speak" may make some readers more receptive to your product. The goal is to have it accepted and published in a public forum such as a newspaper, magazine, business journal or Internet site. 

When you have written the press release, send it to as many of these outlets as possible, and hopefully at least one of them will choose to run it. Keep in mind that editors may alter your press release or rewrite it. This is fine, as long as the article is published and maintains the basic message you intended. Press releases can also be used to provide customers or prospective investors with background history on your company. Display them on your website, include them in your newsletter, or send them in an email. 


What format are Press Releases in?
  • Use 8 ½" X 11" paper.
  • Use one inch margins.
  • Use capitals in the first letter of all words in the headline, except 'a' or 'an,' etc.
  • Use only one side of each page.
  • For multiple page releases, use the word "more" between two dashes (- more -) and center it at bottom of each page to let readers know that it continues.
  • Use three number symbols (###) immediately following the last paragraph to signify the end. 
  • Keep your press release to 300-500 words (or about one page), unless the event is truly momentous (i.e., you're being bought out by Sony). 
  • Use an attention-getting title (shorten title on additional pages).
  • Double-space the body of your text.

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What's goes into a Press Release?

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  • Make your Press Release Newsworthy!
  • Explain why the reader should read your Press Release.
  • Make the first 10-15 words effective - they are by far the most important.
  • Stick to the facts!
  • Provide detailed contact information.
  • Adopt news or Associated Press (AP) style - study the publications you are targeting and try to match their style.


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